Online image resizer is a free online image resizer tool which allows you to easily customize your pictures. You can use predefined sizes for avatars on instant messaging programs like MSN Messenger, Skype, Yahoo etc. You can also use the tool to resize your profile image on forums or social networks.

We tried to make this tool as simple as possible to use. So, you can choose from below many ways to resize your images. Online image resizer is very smart. The tool can modify your images keeping the aspect ratio or it can transform your pictures to any size automatically croping the extra margins.

And everything is online, without any software installation. Hundreds of people are using our online image resizer and they are very happy.

Choose the image to resize:
You can upload a JPG, GIF or PNG file.

Instant messaging (MSN Messenger buddy icons, Skype pictures, Yahoo avatars) with photo crop

Forum avatar standards with photo crop :

Image resize with photo crop - Width: px (max 2048px)     Height: px (max 2048px)

Fixed (custom) size - Width: px (max 2048px)     Height: px (max 2048px)

New image size as percent of original - Percent: % (max 200%)

Preserve image height - Width: px (max 2048px)

Preserve image width - Height: px (max 2048px)